The Brazilian real estate scene can be broken down into two primary sectors. The first major sector of Brazilian real estate involves the development of agricultural lands and clearing lands for use in logging, mining and farming operations. Brazil is still a largely agrarian economy, with rapid development in mining, oil and other industrial applications. You can expect heavy land development to continue to occur in rural areas and forested areas as Brazil attempts to expand its economy and make its land more productive.

The other major real estate sector of Brazil involves urban growth and development in its major cities and suburbs. This includes major cities such as Sao Paulo, Rio di Janiero, Brasilia and Manaus. As an emerging economy Brazil\'s top cities are seeing a boom in construction and rapid growth of suburbs. This provides real estate companies with plenty of opportunities for profitable development both within major cities and in surrounding areas and satellite cities.

A major hallmark of the urban Brazilian real estate scene is that prices for prime property within major cities can be very costly and expensive. Brazilian real estate companies have responded by trying to figure out ahead of time which properties and lands will be in demand in the future. After determining this, Brazilian companies buy the land in advance for a significantly lower price than if they waited for the area of the lands around it to become developed.

An example of a top Brazilian real estate development company is Construcap. They are headquartered in the city of Sao Paulo. Construcap is one of Brazil\'s largest real estate development firms. It has over 10,000 employees in Brazil. The company has been in business in Brazil since 1944 and has constructed thousands of projects across the country.

Being a large company, Consrucap is able to leverage its immense buying power and scale its production to create low cost, yet high quality developments. The company does not only construct and develop housing and shopping areas. Construcap develops industrial zones and builds factories and plants. The company is also extensively involved in the development and construction of major infrastructure projects in Brazil. This includes the development of airports, highways, railroads and ports.

Being established in Brazil for over 70 years, Construcap is committed to growing the Brazilian economy and developing its infrastructure. The company also pledges to minimize its environmental impact and pollution from its construction projects. This socially and environmentally responsible approach to real estate development has made Construcap one of the most highly regarded and successful companies in Brazil.







Business man Bernardo Chua knows how to market a business. He has been doing this for years, and he has become very good at what he is doing. He is known on a global level because he knows how to take a product line like OrganoGold to the next level. He has proven, time and time again, that he is able to make people take notice of the things that he brings to the market.

Anyone that decides to look him up will discover that Ganoderma, the healing mushroom that has been used for centuries in Asia, is the sole ingredient that has brought fame to the OrganoGold brand. Chua is the founder of this company, and it was his idea to spearhead a product line that became something that was incredibly different than anything like the other coffees on the market.

Bernardo Chua brought some interesting health concepts to the market with Ganoderma. This healing agent has surfaced in things like skin care and beverages. It has cemented the reign of Bernardo Chua as a serious businessman. He has two successful companies - Gano Excel and Organo Gold. Both hinge on organic products and Ganoderma.

He was smart enough to do a lot of direct distribution deals. This made it possible for him to sell directly too many distributors and get paid upfront. The great thing about this type of marketing was the cult like following that this product started to gain. People could not find OrganoGold in stores like Wal-Mart, but they were hearing so much about it. This has led more people to consider ordering this online. When customers start ordering online it doesn\'t have to go through a 3rd party chain. That eliminates all the middle man profit sharing that has to done. This was a smart move by Bernardo Chua, and it shows that his business expertise is keen.

It helps to have the right people in place to build a brand. Chua has secured a good and award winning team, and he has also secured the best ingredients for his product line. All of this makes it easy for him to build a career as a prominent business man. He knows the business of marketing well, and he has become a masterful salesman that can lead a company to success.

Chua has won awards for this type of excellence. He also continues his research with the famous Ganoderma mushroom. This has become his passion. It has become the thing that has helped him build a business, and this ingredient continues to provide more opportunities for growth. Bernardo Chua keeps all of this in mind as he looks for better business opportunities. Bernardo Chua is a global marketing veteran.


The Hayman Capital Management is a Dallas-based hedge fund headed by Kyle Bass, who has excellent ability to select tops in economic cycles. He noted China hard landing is on the prospect. Speaking to Fortune at the Iran Sohn investing conference in San Francisco a few days ago, Mr. Bass presented his views on China’s Impeding banking crisis. He ascertained that despite being greater than the 2007-2008 financial crises, the China hard landing would be less impactful to the global economy.

Bass claims China Financial System is Unstable

Bass was asked about China’s foreign reserves; he noted the China’s economy is large, and can spend trillions at an astonishing rate. He highlighted the misconceptions made by many people, who believe the $3.5 trillion rainy day fund can withstand economic upsets. He expounded that China is banking system stood at 41 trillion eight years ago but now it is 184 trillion RMB. He explained his views saying China is an emerging market. He noted it lastly had a loan crisis in 2001 to 2002. He claims that the financial system was growing more than developed markets, which is not supposed to happen. The China’s financial system stands to make further loan losses.

He ascertained China hard landing will experience tough times, but a recession is unlikely. The impact of China hard landing will have an effect on the global economy. He noted that China economy has been driving the global economy, and if it slows down, U.S economy growth will be reduced. However, he noted that U.S has recapped its bank as a measure to curb the effects of the hard landing on its economy. On the issue of whether China will recover its crisis, he said China is endowed with resources, and it can print bonds.

Kyle Bass made global headlines after he correctly predicted the subprime Mortgage crisis in 2008. His script and direction of ‘The Sixth Sense’, earned him a nomination, making him a superstar for a short while. He is a common guest on popular TV shows, and programs. He discusses issues without fear or favor. This media presence seems to be bearing fruits regarding boosting his party time production career. He has ability analyze issues critically with an open mind. He has made alliances with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner ignoring all the negativity.

He is strategic and goal-oriented; he boosted the General Motors investment by marketing it on TV. He has ventured in the provision of Affordable pharmaceutical drugs to patients. He has collaborated with top-notch pharmaceutical companies hence increasing his market coverage. He practices open and consultative management style that has left employees showering him with praises. He is a social person, approachable by anyone. He has collaborated with famous film producers and actors throughout his career. He was a business partner to the ‘American Sniper’ actor Chris.

Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos is well-known for his command and intelligence within the real estate industry, and their corporate history shows that. They been doing it for many years. He built his reputation up with hard work and dedication. Which is why we are here today.

Today we are going to be speaking about how to invest in prime and affordable prime real estate. We are also here to explain which red flags to look out for. Who better to have this discussion with than Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos. They have seen it all. Which is why he is the perfect guy to come to for advice on this. Let\'s get started. Hopefully by the end of this article, you will have gained some knowledge, even learned something of value.


1) According to Cabral Garcia Empreeendimentos real estate is booming but you never want to just go with one source. Get suggestions from at least two or three agents. Never go with just one person. Each agent you talk with should have access to the same data. This means all three will have knowledge of when a house goes on the market, and about how long it has sat there.

Generally, the longer the house sits on the market, the harder it will be to sell. Why? Many will begin to think there is something wrong with it. Never trust an agent who just white-washes the situation for you. He/she is just looking for a sale. Trust your instincts on this. Ask lots of questions. It\'s best to get an opinion from each agent you speak with. Every agent is going to have their own advice. This is a good sign. Trust in the process.

2) Do not go with an agent who is just doing this as a \"side thing.\" A good agent will be following the market closely every day. If you meet someone who is just selling houses on the weekend, he/she will not have the experience and expertise you need.

3)Business and family do not mix in Brazil, or anywhere else for that matter. Be cautious of the uncle who tries to sell you a condo at a great discount. Never do business with family. Possible resentments could form later on. Do you really want this to happen?


It\'s never a good idea to go with an agent who charges a very low commission. Most charge between 5 and 7 percent. Unless you trust the person 100%, please stick within this range. Another thing you need to watch out for is the neighborhood. Only work with someone who has distinct knowledge and experience in your neighborhood. This is the only way you can be sure you are getting a good deal.