The Eucatex Group was founded in 1951. By 1954, they primarily manufactured lining and insulation from eucalyptus wood fibers. Today, the company is headed by Flavio Maluf who is an attorney, entrepreneur and a mechanical engineer.

Today, they supply for many different fields from furniture manufacturers to toys. They even have their own seedling nursery. They operate primarily in furniture and construction. Their construction unit provides doors, coatings and laminate flooring. For the flooring, Eucatex has their own production branch called Eucafloor, which provides lines for every type of floor from Prime to Rustic. Since 2010, there has been a high demand for laminate floors with wide boards and Eucatex jumped at their chance to be a major provider for it. This demand has come from both places of residence and commercial areas such as small offices, hotels and hostels.

For their paints, Eucatex provides everything from Acrylic to enamel to varnishes. Their paints are made according to the system of E-Color and have more than 2,000 colors to choose from. Since 2010, their paints have been made with waterproof material.

For the furniture industry, their largest suppliers are of Tamburato, MDP wood fiber plates. Tamburato and MDP are both manufactured exclusively from Eucalyptus wood. Aside from hotels, they also supply to office buildings and shopping malls.

Today, the Eucatex Group\'s location is still primarily in San Paulo, Brazil. However, they do have office locations in Georgia, Germany and Kuwait.

Since 1997, Eucatex has won numerous awards. It started with the National Confederation of Storekeepers and Directors for their Partitions category and the latest is the Projecto Design Magazine Top Brands for their Laminate Flooring category in 2013.

Eucatex has their own Forestry Partnership which covers many areas, including additional funding or value for rural property, 12 years partnership agreement for sales of wood and annual prive level reinstatement.