In August this year, Pulse Evolution Corporation, one of the world’s number one digital production and IP Company announced the results for its 2nd fiscal quarter that ended December 31 last year. The company also announced its intention to file an S-1 registration statement in connection with an \'up-listing\' to an NSE and an underwritten public offering.

According to their reports, a significant amount of Pulse Evolution’s operating expenses goes towards the development of the company’s digital products. The company also uses a substantial amount of its revenues to develop software, relationships, and strategies. The management recognized the importance of devoting major portions of their expenses on the areas outlined above. They have continued to devote large amounts of their resources to build the principal character assets, related shows, and the company\'s future market technologies.

While commenting on the recent announcements, the company’s top  management team led by John Textor expressed their joy about what the company has achieved so far. Over the years, the company is always committed to the production of specialized, high-impact human-like computer applications for utilization in education, life sciences, entertainment, and telecommunication. It is no surprise that Pulse Evolution Corporation has excelled in both business and technology. The company has established itself as the world leader in the creation of specialized hyper-realistic digital humans for diverse utilization.

The force behind the success of Pulse Evolution Corporation is one called Mr. John Textor. He is currently serving as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the company. He is the one responsible for strategic partnerships, management of special projects, venue partnerships, rights acquisition online and offline reputation. John Textor is also a man of many talents. In addition to his work at Pulse Evolution, he is also working as the Producer of Art Story, an animated film currently being directed by Aaron Blaise.

Mr. Textor’s career history is broad. He was previously the CEO and the Chairman of Digital Domain Productions. He has also opened a company in his name known as the Digital Domain Media Group. Having led to their establishment in 2006, these two companies worked to produce the visual effects of more than fifty large-scale films. Most of these films were completed under the leadership of Mr. Textor.

Because of his hard work and achievement in film industry and digital world, Mr. Textor has received several awards the most notable one being the 2009 Academy Award for Achievement in Visual Effects and the Academy Award for Best Makeup.