Business man Bernardo Chua knows how to market a business. He has been doing this for years, and he has become very good at what he is doing. He is known on a global level because he knows how to take a product line like OrganoGold to the next level. He has proven, time and time again, that he is able to make people take notice of the things that he brings to the market.

Anyone that decides to look him up will discover that Ganoderma, the healing mushroom that has been used for centuries in Asia, is the sole ingredient that has brought fame to the OrganoGold brand. Chua is the founder of this company, and it was his idea to spearhead a product line that became something that was incredibly different than anything like the other coffees on the market.

Bernardo Chua brought some interesting health concepts to the market with Ganoderma. This healing agent has surfaced in things like skin care and beverages. It has cemented the reign of Bernardo Chua as a serious businessman. He has two successful companies - Gano Excel and Organo Gold. Both hinge on organic products and Ganoderma.

He was smart enough to do a lot of direct distribution deals. This made it possible for him to sell directly too many distributors and get paid upfront. The great thing about this type of marketing was the cult like following that this product started to gain. People could not find OrganoGold in stores like Wal-Mart, but they were hearing so much about it. This has led more people to consider ordering this online. When customers start ordering online it doesn\'t have to go through a 3rd party chain. That eliminates all the middle man profit sharing that has to done. This was a smart move by Bernardo Chua, and it shows that his business expertise is keen.

It helps to have the right people in place to build a brand. Chua has secured a good and award winning team, and he has also secured the best ingredients for his product line. All of this makes it easy for him to build a career as a prominent business man. He knows the business of marketing well, and he has become a masterful salesman that can lead a company to success.

Chua has won awards for this type of excellence. He also continues his research with the famous Ganoderma mushroom. This has become his passion. It has become the thing that has helped him build a business, and this ingredient continues to provide more opportunities for growth. Bernardo Chua keeps all of this in mind as he looks for better business opportunities. Bernardo Chua is a global marketing veteran.