The Brazilian real estate scene can be broken down into two primary sectors. The first major sector of Brazilian real estate involves the development of agricultural lands and clearing lands for use in logging, mining and farming operations. Brazil is still a largely agrarian economy, with rapid development in mining, oil and other industrial applications. You can expect heavy land development to continue to occur in rural areas and forested areas as Brazil attempts to expand its economy and make its land more productive.

The other major real estate sector of Brazil involves urban growth and development in its major cities and suburbs. This includes major cities such as Sao Paulo, Rio di Janiero, Brasilia and Manaus. As an emerging economy Brazil\'s top cities are seeing a boom in construction and rapid growth of suburbs. This provides real estate companies with plenty of opportunities for profitable development both within major cities and in surrounding areas and satellite cities.

A major hallmark of the urban Brazilian real estate scene is that prices for prime property within major cities can be very costly and expensive. Brazilian real estate companies have responded by trying to figure out ahead of time which properties and lands will be in demand in the future. After determining this, Brazilian companies buy the land in advance for a significantly lower price than if they waited for the area of the lands around it to become developed.

An example of a top Brazilian real estate development company is Construcap. They are headquartered in the city of Sao Paulo. Construcap is one of Brazil\'s largest real estate development firms. It has over 10,000 employees in Brazil. The company has been in business in Brazil since 1944 and has constructed thousands of projects across the country.

Being a large company, Consrucap is able to leverage its immense buying power and scale its production to create low cost, yet high quality developments. The company does not only construct and develop housing and shopping areas. Construcap develops industrial zones and builds factories and plants. The company is also extensively involved in the development and construction of major infrastructure projects in Brazil. This includes the development of airports, highways, railroads and ports.

Being established in Brazil for over 70 years, Construcap is committed to growing the Brazilian economy and developing its infrastructure. The company also pledges to minimize its environmental impact and pollution from its construction projects. This socially and environmentally responsible approach to real estate development has made Construcap one of the most highly regarded and successful companies in Brazil.