North American Spine is the leader in minimally invasive spine care that goes above and beyond to ensure the quality and care of their clients (and they\'re happy). The organization brings in a wide variety of experts from the areas of Orthopedic Spine, Neurosurgery and also Pain Management. These 3 branches work together in order to create the best service in the country and aim to keep you feeling youthful and improve your overall spine health. 

At North American Spine, they understand that not every situation has a define clear cut approach. Generally, each spine case is unique to the patient and requires a certain mixture of all 3 branches in order to come to the proper solution. They believe in a \'tailored\' approach when it comes to solving the problems their clients are faced with. Each treatment is customized and created to fit your needs.

Unique Approaches

One of the advanced pieces of technology that North American Spine and its growing roster of doctors uses on a regular basis is called The Accurascope. This scope is used through the natural openings in the body to explore and pinpoint what the problem is within the spine. Once the scope passes through the sacral hiatus in the spinal canal, you will have a full map of the area in crystal clear high definition picture. This will often give a front row seat as to what\'s causing your nerve compression in the spine.

The use of the Accurascope works in a 2 step process in order to help patients. First, it gives the patient a full reading and high definition view of what\'s causing their back problem. After that, the scope helps alleviate any inflamed tissue, lumbar issues, and even alleviate and stop pain. All of this is provided to the patient without any incisions or scarring to the surface of the skin. 

Why Them

The reason why North American Spine has been in the news, and drawn fans from all over the globe is because of their philosophical approach to the way they interact with their patients. The main goal is to help as many people as they can and provide each client with the highest level of respect and quality of service. The unique approach, combined with state of the art technological tools, provides a customized solution to your spinal needs. 

Not every spine issue leads to a road of pain and surgery. There are effective and helpful alternatives that North American Spine uses to make sure each one of their clients lives a life that\'s full of mobility and functionality. North American Spine also follows a blueprint also known as the Continuum of Care on their patients. Essentially, this means that each client, depending on their needs, will follow a systematic approach in order to treat their spinal issues. 

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