In August this year, Pulse Evolution Corporation, one of the world’s number one digital production and IP Company announced the results for its 2nd fiscal quarter that ended December 31 last year. The company also announced its intention to file an S-1 registration statement in connection with an \'up-listing\' to an NSE and an underwritten public offering.

According to their reports, a significant amount of Pulse Evolution’s operating expenses goes towards the development of the company’s digital products. The company also uses a substantial amount of its revenues to develop software, relationships, and strategies. The management recognized the importance of devoting major portions of their expenses on the areas outlined above. They have continued to devote large amounts of their resources to build the principal character assets, related shows, and the company\'s future market technologies.

While commenting on the recent announcements, the company’s top  management team led by John Textor expressed their joy about what the company has achieved so far. Over the years, the company is always committed to the production of specialized, high-impact human-like computer applications for utilization in education, life sciences, entertainment, and telecommunication. It is no surprise that Pulse Evolution Corporation has excelled in both business and technology. The company has established itself as the world leader in the creation of specialized hyper-realistic digital humans for diverse utilization.

The force behind the success of Pulse Evolution Corporation is one called Mr. John Textor. He is currently serving as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the company. He is the one responsible for strategic partnerships, management of special projects, venue partnerships, rights acquisition online and offline reputation. John Textor is also a man of many talents. In addition to his work at Pulse Evolution, he is also working as the Producer of Art Story, an animated film currently being directed by Aaron Blaise.

Mr. Textor’s career history is broad. He was previously the CEO and the Chairman of Digital Domain Productions. He has also opened a company in his name known as the Digital Domain Media Group. Having led to their establishment in 2006, these two companies worked to produce the visual effects of more than fifty large-scale films. Most of these films were completed under the leadership of Mr. Textor.

Because of his hard work and achievement in film industry and digital world, Mr. Textor has received several awards the most notable one being the 2009 Academy Award for Achievement in Visual Effects and the Academy Award for Best Makeup.


You won\'t find many entrepreneurs in today\'s world who are enthusiastic and generous like Alexei Beltyukov. You also won\'t find action plans to become popular in such a short time elsewhere. Alexei is known as the founder and manager of A-Ventures Ltd and New gas Technologies since 2007. His A-Ventures Management company manages assets over $400 million. The New Gas Technologies company he manages utilizes petroleum gas and gas products. Another company that he looks after is a car repair business called Mechanicus.

Alexei is the executive director and board member of Renova Project - a management company and a part of Renova Group in Latvia Russia. Alexei has always been enthusiastic about running his own company helping other companies run their businesses. For this sake, he became an entrepreneur and opened A-Ventures that provide financial assistance to entrepreneurs. Alexei has been optimistic, never fearful that tomorrow will be awful and the day after that worse. He didn\'t believe in putting every bit of savings into himself and stockpiling on assets. Instead he became a generous individual helping others setup companies of their passion. He managed money and attained sustainability. He put his current money concerns into a larger economical setting. He believed that the generosity has staying power all the time. He was able to assist other individuals in dealing with their major financial challenges, from devising budget to saving for future use. He offered money tips throughout this journey.

Alexei\'s companies rationalized investment portfolio, made him launch new ventures and turnaround management. He helped design strategies for business development. His company provided asset acquisition and disposal services, closing 27 deals in total. The company he founded consolidated equity stakes, helped in business restructuring, re-branding and establishing prominent governance systems. Alexei was able to provide his investors 78% return on equity per year. The companies that were under his direct supervision include insurance company, commercial bank, airport, sea port, meat plants, pension funds, retail network, real estate development, brewery, metal processing and turbine plant.

Alexei served as the Vice President in the Strategy and Business Development department of Brunswick Capital - an investment company - in the year 2003 and 2004. He launched a business called Brunswick Rail Leasing a rail car leasing provider and a top industry with a fleet of more than 10,000 rail cars. Alexei was also an associate and engagement manager for McKinsey & Co from 1998 to 2003.

Alexei Beltyukov completed his MBA degree from INSEAD in the year 1997 in Fontainebleau, France. Since 2008, he has been serving for Special Economic Zones of the Ministry of Economy as a member of the advisory council. He is an adviser for many entrepreneurs whom he taught framework for thinking through risk and rewards of finance choices in order to run the business efficiently. He offers a number of coherent point of views for various situations for dealing with finance side of business. His advice has helped them figure out what works better for their business.


The Eucatex Group was founded in 1951. By 1954, they primarily manufactured lining and insulation from eucalyptus wood fibers. Today, the company is headed by Flavio Maluf who is an attorney, entrepreneur and a mechanical engineer.

Today, they supply for many different fields from furniture manufacturers to toys. They even have their own seedling nursery. They operate primarily in furniture and construction. Their construction unit provides doors, coatings and laminate flooring. For the flooring, Eucatex has their own production branch called Eucafloor, which provides lines for every type of floor from Prime to Rustic. Since 2010, there has been a high demand for laminate floors with wide boards and Eucatex jumped at their chance to be a major provider for it. This demand has come from both places of residence and commercial areas such as small offices, hotels and hostels.

For their paints, Eucatex provides everything from Acrylic to enamel to varnishes. Their paints are made according to the system of E-Color and have more than 2,000 colors to choose from. Since 2010, their paints have been made with waterproof material.

For the furniture industry, their largest suppliers are of Tamburato, MDP wood fiber plates. Tamburato and MDP are both manufactured exclusively from Eucalyptus wood. Aside from hotels, they also supply to office buildings and shopping malls.

Today, the Eucatex Group\'s location is still primarily in San Paulo, Brazil. However, they do have office locations in Georgia, Germany and Kuwait.

Since 1997, Eucatex has won numerous awards. It started with the National Confederation of Storekeepers and Directors for their Partitions category and the latest is the Projecto Design Magazine Top Brands for their Laminate Flooring category in 2013.

Eucatex has their own Forestry Partnership which covers many areas, including additional funding or value for rural property, 12 years partnership agreement for sales of wood and annual prive level reinstatement.

Born in 1965 in Los Angeles, Jonathan Veitch has always had a connection to the community there. He left L.A. in 1993 to become a professor at the University of Wisconsin where he wrote his first book. Then he moved on to The New School in New York teaching cultural history. He was the Dean of Eugene Lang College in 1994 and then became the president of Occidental College in Los Angeles in 2009.

Mr. Veitch is the first president of the college to be an L.A. native. As a member of the community, he has a unique perspective on community relations between the college and it\'s neighbors. In times when the college has wanted to expand it\'s campus further into the surrounding neighborhood many people were concerned with the affect it would have on the peaceful environment they were so accustomed to. Veitch hosted public forums in order to bring peace between the college and the community. It was determined that other options were available to allow for the colleges growing enrollment without encroaching upon it\'s neighbors. Plans included re-purposing buildings for use, which also made the enviromental activists happy.

Jonathan Veitch is also concerned with transportation issues in Los Angeles neighborhoods. He has begun numerous initiatives for reducing traffic congestion and encouraging bicycle and pedestrian traffic. He has brought in some experts in making sustainable positive changes to communities. Ella Turenne, a recent transport from New York, is skilled in civic engagement. She runs the Farms to School Program which gets food from local farms into our schools. Jonathan has also connected with Mary Tokita, an Eagle Rock community gardener and eco-activist. Together, with many other community leaders, they are taking the lead on making L.A. a community of values, eco-friendly changes, and community independence.

  One of the programs that Jonathan has becomeinvolved in is the Occidental Master Plan. One of it\'s goals is to create a bike-friendly street scape and fewer lanes of traffic. It is important to make biking trails attractive and inviting for them to be utilized. No one wants to ride their bike through dangerous intersections or streets in bad repair. Veitch\'s community initiative will remedy that problem and bring a welcome face lift to the area surrounding Occidental College. According to Veitch, this will take time, diligence from the community, and money. The end result, however, will be a family-friendly community of values that is environmentally minded and safe for all.