Even though Vijay Eswaran started the QI Group and grew it into a business that manages a large part of Southeast Asia, he is not someone who does not give back. Vijay believes in helping people reach their goals. He wants families to be stable, and he wants young business people to feel comfortable breaking into the business world. This is one of the richest men in the region, but he is also one of the most helpful men in the region.

His Books

Vijay has written multiple books, and each one shows people how they can better manage their lives or their businesses. He has worked tirelessly to come up with techniques that are going to help people become better citizens. His one hour of silence is something that people can use to start their daily routine. His books on business tactics are going to help people manage their own businesses. Vijay knows that there is plenty of room in the market for other businesses, and he wants people to succeed when they are trying their best to make a life for their families.

His Charities

Vijay has started charities that are meant to help young families, but he has also given money to other charities out of his own pocket. He believes in giving back out of all the money that he has been blessed with. He wants people to be comfortable enough in their own lives to help others, but he knows that they cannot help others if they are not comfortable.

  Vijay Eswaran believes that there is a wayto make his business successful and help others at the same time. He puts all his energy into helping people whether his business is giving people jobs or he is writing books that will help people manage their daily routine.