Jared Haftel successfully did his undergraduate degree in Duke University. He studied in this university from the year 2005 to year 2009 when he graduated. During his time in the university, Jared was able to study degree courses in mathematics, science and Economics. These three degrees made him qualify for a job position in the field of investment banking which actually was his dream career and something that he always worked hard to attain in his life.



Immediately after completing an internship in summer of 2008 with Credit Suisse, Jared Haftel luckily landed his first job in Merrill Lynch where he worked as an investment banking analyst. In this firm, Haftels responsibilities involved tracking the information of various commodities such as minerals, aerospace, chemicals, metal s and industries. Later on, Jared got a job in a particular American bank by the name Bank of America where he served as an investment banker. During the same period he also served as vector Capitals associate.



Besides been an excellent performer in school and been able to pursue several high profile degree courses and later on landing good jobs, Jared has been sufficiently philanthropic in the sense that he has shared some of his success tips with the world. He has been generous enough to share some of his experiences and tactics that people can use to make in life or rather land a dream career. Jared has highlighted some of the important steps that should be used when writing a resume especially for a job in the field of investment banking. He commences by stating that, for you to land a job that is in line with investment banking you should have the same attitude that you have for other professions. The only thing you are supposed to do is to craft an exemplary resume and send it in the particular job vacancies that have been put on offer, and then keep vigil for a response from the employing company or recruiting agency. However, like all other employments, the way you write your resume is what matters most. Jared continues to explain that, a job applicant should be able to craft a reasonable resume that summarizes all the qualifications and achievements that you have attained and also indicate their relevance in relation to the job positions that you are looking for.



As per Jareds opinion and experience in investment banking, the tips he gives pertaining to writing a catchy resume are crucial if you wish to get a job. He asserts that, writing a good resume that is able to land you a job is very important and therefore, it is crucial for an applicant to take their time when crafting a job resume.



Additionally, Jared goes further to share his experience and success tips on matters that pertains to doing well or rather passing an interview for an investment banking job. First and foremost, Jared admits that all interviews are brutal experiences. This is due to the difficulty that an interviewee experiences in the course of trying to understand the expectations of the employer. This is actually the major reason why anyone going for an interview should conduct a thorough research about the job position they are headed to be interviewed for before attending the interview. It is also important to research on the history of the company offering the job. In addition to these, the interviewee should dress decently and express a good personality.

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