There was massive amounts of speculation coming into the 2014 season surround Johnny Manziel after he was drafted by the Cleveland Browns, as to how he would fare as a professional football player and if he would finally grow up as a person and start conducting himself in a professional manner. It can only be stated as obvious by many that Johnny Manziel was not going to grow up when he reached the National Football League and this has become apparent after a pretty pathetic season in which he only played six unprepared quarters and was more of a figure in the night life than he was on the field in Cleveland.
It is hard to blame the guy because they truly knew what they were getting. Any fan of the sport, especially after seeing him party at Texas A&M like my friend Haidar Barabouti did, knows he sucks. Manziel is a pompous, egotistical person by nature and the Browns knew who they were getting when they drafted him, you can tell from his pinterest account. It was not likely from the get go that he was going to change his actions and he is the one that is losing in the end. He looked ridiculous coming into the league, despite winning a Heisman trophy and almost no teams in the NFL wanted anything to do with him due to the red flags that he was throwing up at every single opportunity he got. Manziel is not going to go far in the league. He does not possess what it takes to make it as a professional football player.