There are too many companies out there that sell products to count making it hard to rise above the sea of mediocrity but Hong Kong based company Qnet does just that. Founded in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran, Qnet is a company that sells products \"that would not pass official muster in much of the world.\" according to its website. Examples of the products sold by Qnet include luxury goods, fashion accessories, weight management products, nutrition, and personal care items. Qnet has gone by several names in the past such as QuestNet, GoldQuest, and is owned by the QI Group.

Perhaps the most notable feature of Qnet is that it follows the multi-level-markeitng structure commonly known in the industry as MLM. MLM is a very versatile and effective marketing style when done correctly and can be used to rapidly grown and expand a company in a short amount of time. MLM basically revolves around a company recruiting affiliates who then sell products and recruit affiliates of their own and so on. This pyramid style structure can lead to huge sales with those near the top of the pyramid receiving the most money in commissions from product sales. Needless to say, the more affiliates a person recruits the more money they make.

Qnet currently has offices in quite a few Asian countries including Thailand, Vietnam, and others. One of its most notable accomplishments is the fact that Qnet managed to increase sales by 70% between 2007 and 2012. Going forward Qnet has decided to shift its manufacturing operations to India and open a new office in Russia in order to purse advantages in that particular consumer market. This promises to be a step that will increase Qnet\'s global prominence even further.

By consolidating its manufacturing efforts in India Qnet will be able to ease manufacturing costs through a more efficient system. While the Director of Corporate Affairs, Zaheer Merchant, said that the transition will be challenging, he also mentioned that it will help them with their goal of reaching a more global market. He also mentioned that it will give Qnet a cost benefit of between 8% and 12%. This will work especially well with their exclusively licensed products such as their Amezcua brand of energy and wellness products. The glass for these products is currently being manufactured in Germany.