American Millenials, also known as Gen Y, have found to be some of the least skilled workers in the entire world. Researchers from Princeton tested the skills of adults aged 16 to 65 in 23 countries. Gen Y was at the bottom of the barrel for most categories including basic math, English and skills in technology.

Gen Y is the generation of Americans born roughly between 1980 and 2000. Alhokair said that they were the first kids born into a world already filled with great technological advances to stand upon the shoulders of. You would have to assume that they would be some of the smartest, most technologically savvy people in the world.

The results of the testing came as a shock to researchers. The biggest shock was the fact that not only do Millenials in the US fall behind in their own age group around the world, they also fall behind when compared to older adults in the United States.

Even those who attended college and received degrees scored well below their counterparts across the globe. It seems that even a Master’s Degree doesn’t guarantee proficiency in basic math and English.

This is indeed a grim look into the future of the American work force. How can we compete in a global economy when each new generation becomes less skilled than the previous?