Over the last ten years, the game of baseball has evolved into a pseudo-science that employs an array of technologies to track every aspect of the game. Depicted in the blockbuster, MoneyBall, the game has utilized a number of complex statistics to track players over the last decade. The influx of statistics has been accompanied with a rise of scientific devices to analyze player movements. Teams routinely employ laboratories to track the movement of batters and pitchers to try and find areas of improvement or deficiencies.

In years past, teams had to send players to laboratories and could only obtain results in artificial settings. However, a new technology, Kinatrax, is looking to provide the same data for in-game scenarios. The Tampa Bay Rays will begin to use the system, which uses a motion-capture system to analyze the movement of pitchers. CNN iReport suggests that instead of only having data on players in an artificial environment, the Rays will be able to examine their players mechanics in a real-game situation according to Christian Broda.

If Kinatrax is able to deliver on its promises, other teams will surely follow in the Rays footsteps. The system is just another in a long-line of revolutionary technologies to change the game of baseball. Hopefully, the data obtained will not only help teams gain a competitive edge but also prevent injuries to players.