Stories have been told of children who come from privileged backgrounds and then fail miserably in life. However Dick DeVos is not one of those children. I know for a fact that he is a well mannered and educated person. I consider him to be one of the greatest business managers and strategist of all time. I believe that dick got his managerial and entrepreneur skills from his father Richard DeVos who was the co founder of Amway Corporation. I was surprised when I learnt that Dick started working at his father’s company when he was 19 years old. Being given responsibility at such a tender age shows that he was a diligent and responsible person since he worked in various divisions of the company. Dick DeVos was later promoted in 1984. I am convinced that he wanted to curve a niche for himself when he left Amway to form his own company in 1989. It was not a surprise when he was appointed as the president of the corporation in 1993. After steering the company for more than a decade he stepped down in order to focus on his company The Windquest group.

I have been told that success comes to those who work hard and make smart decisions in life. I believe that Dick Devos is a hard working person. Because Amway Corporation was formed on their family home he must have assisted his parents in running the business. I know for a fact that his first job was at his father’s company where he worked several jobs. He did not wake up one day and found himself a job he earned his position just like everybody else. In my opinion this is what sets him apart from other people. I believe that his father saw something in him that made him appoint Dick DeVos as the head of the family’s latest acquisition Orlando Magic Basket ball team in 1991.

I am impressed by his track record which he has set over the years. I know that his back ground has everything to do with his hard work and determination while conducting businesses. Apart from business engagements he is a philanthropist who has helped a lot of people. I am acquainted with some of his projects such as sponsoring education in his home county. I was surprised to learn that he ran and got an administrative position in Michigan education board.

More information about this iconic man can be accessed via Wikipedia.