Helane Morrison works at Hall Capital Partners as the managing director. This firm is headed and run by women. Helane is an alumnus of the University of California and Northwestern University. From these universities, Helane earned her J.D. and B.S. in journalism respectively. 
While at the University of California, School of Law, she served as California Law Review’s chief editor. Morrison worked for both Hon. Richard Posen and Justice Harry Blackmun as a law clerk. She then joined Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. Here, she worked for 10 years. In 1991, Helane was elevated to the position of a partner of the law firm. As a partner, she was mandated with the duty of dealing with SEC related matters, business litigation and defending private security cases. 
In all her career, I believe that Helane has always fought against deceptive corporate crimes. Irrespective of the fields she finds herself in, Helane’s driving impetus has been to fight against corruption. Morrison’s record of accomplishment highlights her affinity for business, anchored on the tenets of embracing basic ethics and advancing morally upstanding values. Over the years, Morrison has played a pivotal role in exposing individuals that abuse their powers for financial gain
Helane’s pursuit for legal justice saw the government offer her a position at the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). It is my opinion that this new undertaking gave her unchallenged powers to protect businesses and individuals against fraudulent people. This job matched her passion. Her extensive knowledge in journalism proved crucial when she served as the head of enforcement at the SEC office. In this position, her jurisdiction included Northern Nevada, Alaska, Idaho, North California, Washington, Montana and Oregon. Helane Morrison ensured that all business dealing were transparent. She also reached out to different media outlets and various government agencies for cooperation. This information was originally reported on Xrepublic.

About Helane Morrison 

While serving at the SEC as an office administrator, lawyer Helane asserted that her mission was to enhance the office’s aggressive agenda. She was the first woman to work as the district chief. Within the jurisdiction of San Francisco, Helane managed both the examination and enforcement programs. She succeeded David Bayless, who had stepped down to serve as a partner in San Francisco’s law firm, Morrison & Foerster. 
While working at the SEC, Morrison oversaw different major investigations. In one of the investigations, an enforcement action was made against Dean Writer, California Micro Device’s auditors and Republic Securities of New York. In private practice, Helane represented clients that had been sued by the SEC. In addition, she defended stock brokerage firms and brokers in suits that had been filed by the customers. This information was originally published on SFGATE