When Franklin Frye was 28 he broke the law. He stole a $20 necklace from a store. When they went to court instead of making him pay a fine and do jail time they decided he was too incompetent to stand trial and he was sentenced to the St. Elizabeth\'s Psychiatric Hospital where he has now spent 40 years. He has the right to petition the court to be re;eased every year but in 2008 his petition found its way to a judge\'s desk that had died of cancer six months before. Jared Haftel says it was only until recently that the error was found. He has scars on his body from the violence he has lived through at St. Elizabeth\'s Mental Hospital.

St. Elizabeth\'s has been known for it\'s violence and under trained staff. Mr. Frye is now 68 and if were let go would be eligible for Social Security Benefits and Medicare. No one was available for comment or only stated that with the investigation going on they could not speak on the matter. Mr Frye has scars on his body that he says came from violence in St. Elizabeth\'s. But there are no reports to confirm or deny his injuries. Out of it all Mr Frye said that when his family would buy him new clothes and shoes they would be stolen and later he would see other patients wearing his things.