Robert Griffin III was supposed to save the Washington Redskins and for a year it looked like he might just do that. As a rookie RG3 mixed dead eye accuracy with an elite scrambling ability to take the Redskins to the top of the division, past the hated Cowboys, and into the playoffs. A bad knee injury sidelined the young sensation but fans still held hope. They had a future. Now two years and another knee injury later, the Redskins-RG3 union seems to be heading for divorce right before our very eyes. Thanks to friend of the site Keith Mann for sending in this tip.

After a shellacking loss to the terrible Tampa Bay Buccaneers, one which featured mistake after mistake for RG3, the QB took to the podium. For a moment it looked like he would be contrite and he would accept his own faults graciously but it was only for a moment. RG3 spoke candidly and demanded that his teammates not \"throw knives at one another\'s backs\". The embattled QB went on to say that winning a game \"takes 11 men\" and that the good teams, with great QB\'s, struggle when the people around them struggle.

Sure RG3 took six sacks. Sure the Redskins secondary gave up 200 yards and 2 scores to a rookie wide out. Sure RG3 isn\'t responsible for all defensive miscues. But he hasn\'t earned the right to call out his teammates, certainly not after a game in which the fans in the stadium were clamoring for the backup QB.