There was massive amounts of speculation coming into the 2014 season surround Johnny Manziel after he was drafted by the Cleveland Browns, as to how he would fare as a professional football player and if he would finally grow up as a person and start conducting himself in a professional manner. It can only be stated as obvious by many that Johnny Manziel was not going to grow up when he reached the National Football League and this has become apparent after a pretty pathetic season in which he only played six unprepared quarters and was more of a figure in the night life than he was on the field in Cleveland.
It is hard to blame the guy because they truly knew what they were getting. Any fan of the sport, especially after seeing him party at Texas A&M like my friend Haidar Barabouti did, knows he sucks. Manziel is a pompous, egotistical person by nature and the Browns knew who they were getting when they drafted him, you can tell from his pinterest account. It was not likely from the get go that he was going to change his actions and he is the one that is losing in the end. He looked ridiculous coming into the league, despite winning a Heisman trophy and almost no teams in the NFL wanted anything to do with him due to the red flags that he was throwing up at every single opportunity he got. Manziel is not going to go far in the league. He does not possess what it takes to make it as a professional football player.


Jared Haftel successfully did his undergraduate degree in Duke University. He studied in this university from the year 2005 to year 2009 when he graduated. During his time in the university, Jared was able to study degree courses in mathematics, science and Economics. These three degrees made him qualify for a job position in the field of investment banking which actually was his dream career and something that he always worked hard to attain in his life.



Immediately after completing an internship in summer of 2008 with Credit Suisse, Jared Haftel luckily landed his first job in Merrill Lynch where he worked as an investment banking analyst. In this firm, Haftels responsibilities involved tracking the information of various commodities such as minerals, aerospace, chemicals, metal s and industries. Later on, Jared got a job in a particular American bank by the name Bank of America where he served as an investment banker. During the same period he also served as vector Capitals associate.



Besides been an excellent performer in school and been able to pursue several high profile degree courses and later on landing good jobs, Jared has been sufficiently philanthropic in the sense that he has shared some of his success tips with the world. He has been generous enough to share some of his experiences and tactics that people can use to make in life or rather land a dream career. Jared has highlighted some of the important steps that should be used when writing a resume especially for a job in the field of investment banking. He commences by stating that, for you to land a job that is in line with investment banking you should have the same attitude that you have for other professions. The only thing you are supposed to do is to craft an exemplary resume and send it in the particular job vacancies that have been put on offer, and then keep vigil for a response from the employing company or recruiting agency. However, like all other employments, the way you write your resume is what matters most. Jared continues to explain that, a job applicant should be able to craft a reasonable resume that summarizes all the qualifications and achievements that you have attained and also indicate their relevance in relation to the job positions that you are looking for.



As per Jareds opinion and experience in investment banking, the tips he gives pertaining to writing a catchy resume are crucial if you wish to get a job. He asserts that, writing a good resume that is able to land you a job is very important and therefore, it is crucial for an applicant to take their time when crafting a job resume.



Additionally, Jared goes further to share his experience and success tips on matters that pertains to doing well or rather passing an interview for an investment banking job. First and foremost, Jared admits that all interviews are brutal experiences. This is due to the difficulty that an interviewee experiences in the course of trying to understand the expectations of the employer. This is actually the major reason why anyone going for an interview should conduct a thorough research about the job position they are headed to be interviewed for before attending the interview. It is also important to research on the history of the company offering the job. In addition to these, the interviewee should dress decently and express a good personality.

Make sure to check out Jared Haftel\'s Twitter for continued support.  He\'s always talking about finance, and what it takes to make it in in the industry.  Really useful if you want a little inspiration.


Even though Vijay Eswaran started the QI Group and grew it into a business that manages a large part of Southeast Asia, he is not someone who does not give back. Vijay believes in helping people reach their goals. He wants families to be stable, and he wants young business people to feel comfortable breaking into the business world. This is one of the richest men in the region, but he is also one of the most helpful men in the region.

His Books

Vijay has written multiple books, and each one shows people how they can better manage their lives or their businesses. He has worked tirelessly to come up with techniques that are going to help people become better citizens. His one hour of silence is something that people can use to start their daily routine. His books on business tactics are going to help people manage their own businesses. Vijay knows that there is plenty of room in the market for other businesses, and he wants people to succeed when they are trying their best to make a life for their families.

His Charities

Vijay has started charities that are meant to help young families, but he has also given money to other charities out of his own pocket. He believes in giving back out of all the money that he has been blessed with. He wants people to be comfortable enough in their own lives to help others, but he knows that they cannot help others if they are not comfortable.

  Vijay Eswaran believes that there is a wayto make his business successful and help others at the same time. He puts all his energy into helping people whether his business is giving people jobs or he is writing books that will help people manage their daily routine.

By now, most people realize that a successful company is only as good as the CEO who calls the shots. one of the more notable Chief Executive Officers in recent memory is Dr. Mark J. Ahn. The Ph.D. holder was once the head of the american firm Galena Biopharma, but he has recently resigned. After heading the company since March of 2011, Mark led it to prosperity. He is now a professor f biosciences at the prestigious Creighton University with more than two decades in the field. Mark is one of the foremost experts in his line of study, and he\\\'s affiliated with many institutions of higher learning. He\\\'s the associate professor of global management for the Atkinson Gradute school of management, and he also works with the Williamette University of New Zealand. He consistently consults start up businesses as well as established companies. 


Mark Ahn is a very interesting and hard working man who earned his Ph.D. from the University of South Australia. He has been affiliated with a few very successful drug companies such as RXi which is a subsidiary of Galena Biopharma. Mr. Ahn has also worked for Bristol Myers Squib, and many others. Men of this caliber may not be celebrated in the news or selected to grace the covers of popular magazines. They don\\\'t win awards on television or have thousands of adoring fans. however, men like Mark Ahn are heroes, because they design the medicines that make modern life so enjoyable. In a way, the selfless act of bettering mankind is the greatest gift anyone can give. 


Mark Ahn may not be a household name, but he should be when his body of work is considered. Fortunately, those familiar with the world of pharmaceuticals and medicine are familiar with Mr. Ahn. Perhaps everyone should be more grateful of educated men who teach at the world,s most prestigious institutions of higher learning. By looking up to Mark Ahn and other intellectual giants, the future generations can set their goals to become great men of science as well. mark J. Ahn is certainly a great role model to follow, and he the world of pharmaceuticals would be quite different without the impressive contributions he has made.