Stories have been told of children who come from privileged backgrounds and then fail miserably in life. However Dick DeVos is not one of those children. I know for a fact that he is a well mannered and educated person. I consider him to be one of the greatest business managers and strategist of all time. I believe that dick got his managerial and entrepreneur skills from his father Richard DeVos who was the co founder of Amway Corporation. I was surprised when I learnt that Dick started working at his father’s company when he was 19 years old. Being given responsibility at such a tender age shows that he was a diligent and responsible person since he worked in various divisions of the company. Dick DeVos was later promoted in 1984. I am convinced that he wanted to curve a niche for himself when he left Amway to form his own company in 1989. It was not a surprise when he was appointed as the president of the corporation in 1993. After steering the company for more than a decade he stepped down in order to focus on his company The Windquest group.

I have been told that success comes to those who work hard and make smart decisions in life. I believe that Dick Devos is a hard working person. Because Amway Corporation was formed on their family home he must have assisted his parents in running the business. I know for a fact that his first job was at his father’s company where he worked several jobs. He did not wake up one day and found himself a job he earned his position just like everybody else. In my opinion this is what sets him apart from other people. I believe that his father saw something in him that made him appoint Dick DeVos as the head of the family’s latest acquisition Orlando Magic Basket ball team in 1991.

I am impressed by his track record which he has set over the years. I know that his back ground has everything to do with his hard work and determination while conducting businesses. Apart from business engagements he is a philanthropist who has helped a lot of people. I am acquainted with some of his projects such as sponsoring education in his home county. I was surprised to learn that he ran and got an administrative position in Michigan education board.

More information about this iconic man can be accessed via Wikipedia.

Over the last ten years, the game of baseball has evolved into a pseudo-science that employs an array of technologies to track every aspect of the game. Depicted in the blockbuster, MoneyBall, the game has utilized a number of complex statistics to track players over the last decade. The influx of statistics has been accompanied with a rise of scientific devices to analyze player movements. Teams routinely employ laboratories to track the movement of batters and pitchers to try and find areas of improvement or deficiencies.

In years past, teams had to send players to laboratories and could only obtain results in artificial settings. However, a new technology, Kinatrax, is looking to provide the same data for in-game scenarios. The Tampa Bay Rays will begin to use the system, which uses a motion-capture system to analyze the movement of pitchers. CNN iReport suggests that instead of only having data on players in an artificial environment, the Rays will be able to examine their players mechanics in a real-game situation according to Christian Broda.

If Kinatrax is able to deliver on its promises, other teams will surely follow in the Rays footsteps. The system is just another in a long-line of revolutionary technologies to change the game of baseball. Hopefully, the data obtained will not only help teams gain a competitive edge but also prevent injuries to players.

Richard Mullaney was well-known for playing as the wide receiver for Oregon State College Football. However, he decided to transfer during his final season. The coach for Oregon State is supportive in Richard\'s career decision and appreciates his hard work and effort. As a coach he understands the Mullaney has to look forward for his next career opportunity. 

According to Adam Sender, Mullaney has a visit lined up with Alabama and is looking forward to what may come of that. Richard recently graduated and is looking forward to his football career. He thanked his teammates and his coach for the support they showed. While Richard played for the Beavers he managed to have over 80 passes throughout his three seasons. He also got five touchdowns during those three seasons. This was all done during his freshman year. There should be a lot to look forward to in Mullaney\'s career.

Gone are the days of scrolling through pages of search engine results only to end up frustrated when a particular item does not turn up. Finding what you are looking for on the internet has just become easier with a new technology called visual search. This streamlined program allows people to efficiently bypass web addresses and text results, cuts through the fluff, and gets right to the heart of the matter. 

Visual search matches exact images to the criteria the user specifies resulting in more accurate results. Not only does this save time, but people have immediate access to the products they are looking for. Criteria parameters include options such as type, results relevance, date, and so forth. This new technology does not require advanced plugins, is user friendly, and can be easily installed into a browser. 

This program comes in two forms: web based or software based. Formatting primarily uses lists, tag clouds, maps, and stacks. Other set ups are available, but these are most commonly used. Search options and content sources work identically as that of traditional search engines, and can be easily customized to each individual’s preferences. 

Interactive maps tend to be the most popular and user friendly method of sorting through information. Results can be refined with the use of keywords. Most programs are linked to popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo, and will display web images and videos. Additional features are available to customize and stream line information in the form of parental filters and bookmarked preferences. 

Many companies are jumping on the visual search bandwagon, so the importance of efficient and responsive technology is in high demand. Slyce is a company which has linked its services with existing visual search engines. Through rigorous testing, programmers have developed unique software which has proven to be far more accurate and efficient than its competitors. 

Slyce benefits both consumers and retailers by streamlining search results, while displaying exact or close matches to what the shopper is looking for. Companies experience a steady growth in sales, while shoppers bypass the hassle of sorting through endless text. It is a win win scenario. The software can be incorporated into existing applications, or can be used separately by shoppers though readily available apps such as Craves, SnipSnap, and Pounce. Before making a decision, interested parties can try a demo program to see how it works. 

Visual search is an exciting new technology which works beautifully with existing search engines. It allows individuals to customize their search engines to parameters that meet their criteria, and provides an easy to navigate layout that is simple to master. This impressive service provides users with a individualized plan that uses advanced software to display results people want to see, and cuts through the clutter.