Ray Rice is currently undergoing a hearing at a U.S. district court in regards to his being let go by the Baltimore Ravens following allegations of domestic abuse. Rice has been suspended from the league for an undetermined amount of time. He is petitioning the court and the NFL to be reinstated into the league as soon as possible. Currently, there is no timeline for reinstating Ray Rice if he is allowed to play in the league again at all.

Goodell took more than two hours of his time to testify in the hearing. He was giving his reasons for the suspension and why the NFL believes that this is an appropriate punishment considering the evidence that is available to them.

This particular hearing is not for a criminal case, but merely about the issue of the NFL and the suspension. The criminal case, if there is one, will be held at a different time and in a different court. Those charges will have to be heard on their own and reviewed by a different judge and jury. However, there is no word at the moment if that case will be made at all.

Goodell spent most of the time he was at the hearing being cross examined according to ESPN.com. It is important to realize that this hearing is not slanted in favor of one side or the other. Fans around the NFL like Jared are hoping that some resolution happens shortly. It appears that everyone is being treated fairly and everything is being taken down for the record.